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Quality of ISE products and services is assured by a Quality System designed and implemented according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, certified by the CSQ Organism (CSQ Certificate nr.9115, issued june 2000) as well as by the International Certification Network IQ-NET.

Following a consisting effort to ensure compliance to the most advanced and comprehensive quality management standars, ISE also completed in November 2009 the process of certification of its quality system according to the UNIFE IRIS standard, specifically designed for supplies in the railway field.

All products that we market within the European Community are marked by the CE label, and are accompanied by the relevant Documentation of Conformity. Deliverables always include the complete set of necessary certification, test harness and evidence, at the appropriate level as required by applicable quality and safety standards.

Our Laboratories are equipped for executing in-house thermal testing and burn-in of electronic equipment, and we routinely execute shock, vibration, electrical and EMI/EMC tests at qualified partners’ Laboratories.

ISE engineering lab, ("ELETTRA" - Laboratorio per l’Elettronica "Real-Time") is fully equipped with all necessary tools for conducting design, engineering and validation activities on electronic devices and systems. The "ELETTRA" Laboratory is included in the official list of qualified italian R&D Laboratories, issued by the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific/Technological Research (deliberation nr. 1124 dated October 17th, 2001).

We devote the best care to the training of our personnel and keeping our infrastructures in order to ensure the highest security standards, so that our customers can confidently rely on us for their most sensitive projects in relation to new products’ development.