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Ingegneria dei Sistemi elettronici

ISE is a specialist for engineering and manufacturing of embedded, real-time electronic systems and software. We can provide standardized products, as solutions that can be readily applied in industry, advanced transportation and defense, and in many other fields.

As well, we can master state-of-the-art technologies to create customised, fully integrated, user-friendly end-to-end solutions, to flawlessly match your needs.
Our services range from feasibility analysis and custom hardware design to software development and system level integration. These include such specialised tasks as safety and risk analysis, logistic support and life cycle cost evaluation.

ISE runs on clean power

Our new plant, which was built in year 2009 with state-of-the art construction technologies and solutions, has been added in early year 2010 with a new photovoltaic powerplant.

This brand new plant has a nominal power of 20KWp, and can produce every year up to 25.000 KWh of clean energy. All our plant facilities and production systems use this clean power source, and therefore we run a true ''Zero-emission'' business.

We contribute to the protection of the environment, by saving every year the equivalent of 5 tons of crude oil, and by avoiding the emission in the atmosphere of 14 tons of CO2.