As a result of many years of focused activities with our customers, we can provide a wide range of standardized products, as solutions that can be readily applied in industrial applications, advanced transportation and defense and, as well, in many other fields.

In addition to that, we can master state-of-the-art technologies to create customised, fully integrated, user-friendly end-to-end solutions, to flawlessly match your needs.



ISE includes among its activities both the design and development of custom HW & SW solutions for automation and process control applications, and the engineering of complete system solutions for its Industrial Customers.

In this respect, ISE represents a valuable partner for all those organizations which need an Industrial support for developing innovative products and services based on Electronic and Software engineering technologies.

The overall experience of ISE staff in such activities exceeds 200 manyears, and selected Hardware and Software design skills and comprehensive tools are available to ensure an adequate support to all phases of development of new product solutions.

ISE organization, proven within multiple multidisciplinary Projects at an international level, can make available a focused and flexible in-house production capability, thus ensuring outstanding time-to-market and long lasting success to its selected customers.






ISE has been operating in this field since its incorporation, and many of its senior engineers possess more than 20 years of experience in design and development of parts and components for weapon and defense systems.

Most significant activities in this area are related with design and manufacturing of microprocessor equipment for real-time data acquisition, storage, handling and processing, and for control of weapon systems and subsystems.

If necessary, ISE can autonomously undertake all activities related with design, development, and qualification of complete subsystems, ensuring a complete transparency in requirements traceability at all levels.

ISE quality system and personnel training ensure the maximum level of confidentiality in dealing with sensitive information provided by its customers.

I.S.E. S.r.l.


ISE engineers have many years of experience in managing demanding and complex applications in the railway sector.

A long acquaintance and understanding of standards and regulations which selectively apply to this specific field, yields a strong capability to satisfy all our customers requirements and needs, and even unspoken ones.

Our core competence in this respect is the ability to effectively manage all phases of development of a new product, in full agreement with standards and industry-specific regulations.

ISE can autonomously undertake all product development phases, from analysis and definition of requirements (including RAMS) to project management and validation, first article inspection, transfer into production, commissioning, field service, and assistance to its customers throughout the entire product life cycle.

Most important products available in this field include microprocessor vehicle logic, onboard automation systems and embedded control systems, diagnostic, monitoring and communication systems, data management and recording units, and integrated solutions for fire detection and fire fighting on Board of railway and mass-transit vehicles.




SILFI-Guard is the name of a proprietary system architecture, developed and validated by ISE for the implementation of modular and Integrated Fire-Protection Systems for railway and mass transit vehicles. The system encompasses a modular, in-house designed and SIL-certified smoke and fire alarm system, and includes validated and certified fire suppression and extinguishing solutions, automatically activated when necessary, and matching all existing requirements of the most advanced standards in the field (TSI/2014, EN 45545, EN 50553, UNI 11565).

The smoke and fire alarm subsystem may feature a fully redundant architecture, comprising one or two independent electronic control units (FDU= Fire Detection units) connected to a modular network of sensors. The network can be also redundant and configured according to the needs of the specific application, by choosing among a wide variety of smoke, temperature and mixed function sensors, which can be either addressable or position-independent.

The system generates SIL-certified signals towards other onboard systems with safety-critical functions, such as HVAC, power supply distribution network and traction control units, and can forward detailed diagnostic data to the onboard integrated diagnostic system via RS-485, Ethernet, CAN and MVB or other dedicated interface. Also, the FDU units can be interfaced by an external Portable Laptop Computer used as a Portable Test Unit (PTU), by means of standard USB connections.

The fire fighting and extinction subsystem includes modular self-contained units for extinction inside technical compartments, including gas and aerosol extinguishing subsystems for technical rooms, and water-mist suppression subsystem(s) for toilets and passenger areas, automatically activated by the system logic and provided with all required certifications in accordance to applicable International standards.

ISE offers the ability to undertake all the tasks related with design, development, validation, certification, installation and field support for integrated fire protection and fighting systems for railway and mass transit vehicles.


I.S.E. S.r.l.




ISE devotes a significant part of its financial and human resources to the conduction of Applied R&D activities, undertaken both for internal purposes, and on behalf of its customers.

Besides maintaining internal capabilities and tools at the current state of the art, the scope of such R&D activities is mostly related with the development of innovative product solutions, as well as with improvement of existing products.

ISE laboratory (Laboratorio “ELETTRA” per l’Elettronica in Tempo Reale) is included in the official list of qualified R&D Laboratories, issued by the Italian “Ministry of University and Scientific/Technological research”, and SMEs appointing ISE for the execution of their R&D activities may be eligible for public funding, according to applicable Italian laws.