Hitachi Rail, renowned for its innovative approach in the rail transport sector, continues to be a global benchmark, advancing a century-old history of technological and engineering excellence. With a solid presence in 38 countries and a commitment to sustainability and smart mobility, Hitachi Rail stands out for its ability to offer complete solutions ranging from the production of trams and light vehicles to high-speed trains, to maintenance and digital signaling infrastructure (Hitachi Rail – Home).

In the context of this tradition of excellence, ISE has collaborated closely with Hitachi Rail on some of its flagship projects: the Hitachi Modular Unit (HMU) hybrid train, the AEMR (UK) Intercity Express convoy, and the high-frequency Italian train “Rock”. These models represent the forefront of railway technology, distinguished by their performance, efficiency, and safety-oriented design.

Particularly the Rock train, known for its innovative design and energy efficiency, stands out for its ability to offer a superior travel experience with reduced environmental impact. It is ideal for regional and metropolitan services, where frequency and the capacity to manage large flows of passengers are crucial.

Thanks to the partnership with Hitachi Rail, ISE has been able to integrate its state-of-the-art fire safety systems into these trains, further strengthening the safety and reliability of the railway services offered by Hitachi. This collaboration has not only elevated safety standards but has also created new opportunities for ISE to expand its influence in the global railway transport sector.

ISE and Hitachi Rail: together to push railway technology towards new horizons of excellence.