ISE has once again affirmed its commitment to railway transport safety with its participation in the 21st Annual Conference on Fire Protection of Rolling Stock, held in Milan on March 12 and 13, 2024. At the event, ISE’s Marketing Manager brilliantly demonstrated how the company designs and produces cutting-edge railway fire safety systems, combining flexibility and operational economy with a level of reliability and safety of absolute excellence.

The event proved to be a vital crossroads for meeting all the key players in the industry, allowing ISE to further consolidate relationships with its strategic partners and establish new potentially crucial relationships for the future. The conference was a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and visions, advancing the dialogue on future directions of safe mobility.

This conference allowed ISE to effectively highlight its decades-long journey towards pioneering solutions that comply with railway regulations and meet market expectations, reaffirming once again its commitment to continually elevate safety standards.

ISE has been participating in FPRS events for over ten years and will also sponsor the next edition of the event, which will be held in Austria in February 2025 (

Together with FPRS, step by step, ISE continues to build the future of railway safety.