The proposed system will be optimized for warehouses larger than 10000 sqm. with an average goods handling of more than 1000 pallets/day. Such warehouse scenarios require technological solutions that are reconfigurable, low-cost, flexible, as well as easily scalable with respect to warehouse size, goods variety and required spatial resolution for the pallet localization..The five industrial partners involved in this project are:- Sofidel SpA- I.S.E. ingegneria dei sistemi elettronici Srl- 3logic MK Srl- A.M.E. Srl- CAEN RFID SrlThe Department of Information Engineering (DII) and the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering (DIC) of University of Pisa are involved in support of basic research activities. Operation requirements of the project will be satisfied by adopting an integrated approach based on extensive use of RFID technology at UHF band and ultra wide band high accuracy indoor/outdoor location systems.